The 6 German Drinking Phrases You Need to Know

This year’s Oktoberfest got us thinking a lot about German culture. And thinking about German culture got us thinking a lot about beer. It’s like the circle of (German) life; you can’t have one without the other. Which means that if you drink beer, then you need to know some German to do it right.Prost

So, without further ado, here are the 6 German beer-centric phrases you should know:

1. Ist hier noch frei? – “Are these seats taken?”

You know that awkward moment when you go out with friends and the place is super crowded and you finally find some seats together so you rush over and start to sit down only to have someone be like “Hey, sorry but these seats are actually saved”? Yeah, we know it, too. Ask first. It’ll take some of the awkwardness out of the equation.

2. Ein Kräftig, bitte. – “A Kräftig, please.”

It’s the perfect answer to that age-old question: “What’ll you have?” Oh, and bonus points for using your manners. Your mother would be so proud.

3. Noch ein Kräftig, bitte. – “Another Kräftig, please.”

Because we all know that one beer just won’t cut it sometimes.

4. Lass die Finger von meinem Kräftig! – “Keep your hands off my Kräftig!”

You know that thing we said about manners? Yeah, they don’t matter so much if someone’s trying to take your beer. Unattended drinks often mysteriously go missing in a crowded setting. If you catch someone in the act of minesweeping your drink, drop this line on them and reclaim your Kräftig.

5. Prost! – “Cheers!”

If you haven’t noticed by now, we like this word. A lot. It’s a good word, a strong word, dare we say it—a Kräftig word. Nothing beats a toast of goodwill before a glass of good beer.

6. Die Rechnung, bitte. – “The check, please.”

Know your limit and close out your tab when you’re done. Whatever you do, don’t drink and ditch. You don’t want to be that person. Your mother would not be proud.

Next time you’re out at the bar, bust out some of these German lines to impress (or embarrass, depending on the context) your friends. Embrace your inner Deutsche with Kräftig. Speak German and drink Real American Lager.