It’s Never Too Early for Beer: Marc Gottfried on Fox 2

Kräftig’s Brewmaster, Marc Gottfried, brought some of our beer to the Fox 2 AM Show on Wednesday, taking some time away from the brewery floor to describe reinheitsgebot and show Kim Hudson how to pour Kräftig like a pro.

Kim planning her pour for the perfect beer head.

Surrounded by Kräftig (it’s an everyday occurrence for him, so trust us when we say he was totally in his element), Marc discussed our lagers’ name and industry accolades. Showing Kim and the camera two of the four ingredients that make up our award-winning beers, Marc proved how fewer ingredients means more beer flavor.

The Brew Man sure knows his beer.

Check out the video for yourself:

Now go pick up some Kräftig, grab some friends, and celebrate Oktoberfest from your own backyard. Your friends and your taste buds will thank you.