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Basketball Brackets and Bottles of Kräftig

Hey, we get it, your bracket is busted. So you lost a couple dollars… it’s not the end of the world. You win some, you lose some— it’s nothing a Kräftig or two can’t fix. Beer will make you feel better about yourself, especially if you’re drinking Kräftig while watching the rest of the tournament at one of these fine establishments.

Here’s some of our favorite spots to catch the games:
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Get Lucky by Finding Kräftig This St. Patrick’s Day

We like holidays – especially if beer is involved. Wait, we mean especially if friends and family are involved… they’re the best drinking buddies. Anyway, one of our favorite beer-centric holidays is St. Patrick’s Day, because who doesn’t like wearing green and pinching people*? We would say that we wish every day were St. Paddy’s Day, but then there would be no end to those awful, fake Irish accents. It’s a blessing and a curse, after all.

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5 Unconventional Uses for Beer

You know that scene in A Few Good Men where Tom Cruise says he wants the truth and Jack Nicholson’s all like, “You can’t handle the truth!”? Yeah, here’s the deal: we think you can handle it. And the truth is… beer is good. There, we said it. And we feel better now. Speaking of feeling better, beer might actually help you feel better. Maybe. There’s a chance.

Anyway, here are 5 new reasons to try Kräftig. Whoops, we mean 5 unusual ways to unlock the potential benefits of Kräftig:

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STL Signatures: Syberg’s

Our next STL Signatures stop is a real hometown institution (not to mention a personal favorite for many on the Kräftig team). Of course, we’re talking about Syberg’s. We know it’s touted as an eating and drinking company, but to us, and to many other St. Louisans, it’s so much more than that. Each of their restaurants is a place of community and camaraderie. But that whole eating and drinking thing definitely helps, though.

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Beer, Beads, and Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is upon us: the day with all the beads and the beer and the… well, you get the idea. And if you aren’t planning on joining us down in Soulard for one of the biggest bashes in St. Louis, then what are you even doing? We all know that if you don’t go, you’re bound to see a bunch of photos on social media from your friends who went and then you’ll wish you had gone, so maybe you should just come, you know? No pressure though.

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Nice Cans: Join Us in Celebrating Beer Can Appreciation Day!

If we could, we would build a time machine out of a beer tank and make it run on pure lager. Sure, it would mean we couldn’t travel to any date B.L. (that’s Before Lager if you’re having trouble keeping up) without reserves, but who would want to go back to a time without the best damn beer in the world anyway? We’d do a couple test runs, just to make sure there weren’t any kinks. Send an intern back a couple minutes or something. And then we’d do some traveling of our own: to January 24, 1935.

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Get Your Day-Drinking on at United We Brunch

The creator of brunch deserves an award. Seriously. We’d buy the guy a beer, but we’re pretty sure he’s long gone by now. Probably taken up in a flying saucer shaped like a gravy boat or a slice of avocado toast or something. Anyway. We like brunch – a lot – and it sure seems like the awkwardly-scheduled mix-matched meal is now a mainstay for the weekend warrior. And because weekend warriors deserve only the best, The Riverfront Times has decided to host a Winter 2018 edition of United We Brunch. They’re cool like that.

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How Kräftig Pairs Kräftig

Some things were just made for each other. For example, pizza and beer, wings and beer, BBQ and beer –  point is, there’s a great deal of good pairings out there. Take Kräftig for example. Kräftig pairs with, well… a lot of things, it turns out.

From St. Louis signature dishes, to your own home-cooked creations, there’s endless ways to enjoy Real American Lager. The Kräftig team knows a thing or two about this, so let’s give them the floor and find out how Kräftig pairs Kräftig:

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Get Kräfty This Christmas!

You’ve decked the halls. You’ve decked the walls. You’ve decked the roof. You’ve even decked the deck. Which means all you’ve got left is to deck the beer. Yep, you read that right. Don some K apparel and make your Kräftig a little more festive with these fun DIY projects!

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The 5 People on Every Holiday Guest List

They’re at every holiday party. You know them as soon as you make awkward eye contact with them from across the room. You give them that universal nod of acknowledgement as they sip hard eggnog among you. Or at least as you pretend to sip it because, let’s face it, even with a healthy dose of booze, eggnog is still no Real American Lager.

Of course, we’re talking about the Holiday Who’s Who—the five people who are bound to be at that holiday party you’re going to this (and every) year:

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