How Kräftig Pairs Kräftig

Some things were just made for each other. For example, pizza and beer, wings and beer, BBQ and beer –  point is, there’s a great deal of good pairings out there. Take Kräftig for example. Kräftig pairs with, well… a lot of things, it turns out.

From St. Louis signature dishes, to your own home-cooked creations, there’s endless ways to enjoy Real American Lager. The Kräftig team knows a thing or two about this, so let’s give them the floor and find out how Kräftig pairs Kräftig:

Billy Busch – Founder, President, and CEO

Light: I think Kräftig Light and spicy chicken wings go together perfectly, especially if the wings are smothered in Syberg’s Wing Sauce. The crispness of the beer really complements the spiciness of the wings and the two make a great combo. 

Lager: I like pairing Kräftig Lager with a nice medium-rare steak and baked potato from Ruth’s Chris Steak House. 

Rick Davis – Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development

Light: I enjoy a Kräftig Light with my favorite sandwich: a club with bacon, turkey, lettuce, and tomato on toasted wheat bread… skip the slice of bread in the middle. The sandwich is a little on the light side (except for the bacon!) and Kräftig Light draught complements it perfectly. I’ll typically have the club and Kräftig Light for lunch at Trainwreck in Rock Hill… best club in town!

Lager: I love pairing Kräftig Lager with smoked ribs or pork steaks. The extra hop and malt flavor of Kräftig Lager really stands up to the smoky taste of the pork as well as to the spicy sauce that I typically add right before serving.

Jake Fusia – Sales

Light: I find that the light sweetness of crawfish really pairs well with Kräftig Light. Plus, the crispness of the beer makes for an even greater match for spicy crawfish seasoning.

Lager: My friends at Cafe Napoli have a fantastic rigatoni dish with spicy aioli that I like to order with a lamb chop. This rich dish pairs great with Kräftig Lager – the pureness of the beer’s flavor doesn’t compete with the complexity of the dish.

Chris Keplinger – Sales

Light: I really enjoy Kräftig Light with grilled chicken. The Cajun Chicken Philly from Syberg’s is one of my favorite sandwiches. It’s on the lighter side for a sandwich and has a little spice to it, which makes Kräftig Light the perfect beer to complement this meal.

Lager: Kräftig Lager goes great with BBQ. I like to use a sweet BBQ sauce because it pairs well with the up-front malt sweetness of Kräftig Lager. Hard to beat a pulled pork sandwich covered in BBQ sauce, a side of baked beans, and an ice cold Kräftig Lager.

Marc Gottfried – Brewmaster

I find that some of my best pairings happen when I also cook with the beer. This gives the dish a “built-in advantage” to pair with the beer even better.

Light: I find that Kräftig Light works well in a Dijon sauce. It’s a little exotic, but one of my favorites is breaded and deep-fried alligator tenderloins with Kräftig Light Dijon sauce.

Lager: Kräftig Lager has a bit more sweetness, and I typically add it to Tucker’s Steak Sauce or Syberg’s Wing Sauce.

If you want to intensify a sauce, you can perform a reduction where you boil off the water (and ethanol) from the beer. The result is a super flavorful concentrate you can add to your dishes. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll make up for the lost ethanol in other ways!

Hey, you heard it from our staff. Kräftig plays well with others. And it’s best enjoyed with others, so grab some food with your friends and drink Real American Lager like a real team player.