Christmas Gifts for Kräftig Lovers

Apparently, it’s the season for giving people things. And if you’re struggling to find the right gift for someone, chances are they have no idea what to get you either. So, we figured we’d help everyone out by offering some ideas of our own.

Here are five Kräftig items for sale online that we think would make excellent gifts. Because who doesn’t love beer, right?

Kräftig outdoor tee
The Outdoor Tee
Perfect for: The Hunter

This shirt is for everyone out there who wanted a carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle when they were younger. But now they’ve grown up, got some real guns, shot some bucks or ducks or whatever else they like to hunt, and are ready for something stronger. Like Kräftig. Or this tee shirt that’ll make them blend in on the hunt or stand out at the bar – both good things if used correctly.

Kräftig throwback hat
The Famous Throwback Hat
Perfect for: Everyone

This hat is a Billy favorite, so you already know it’s good. It also recently made it on the news, so it’s kind of a big deal. Basically, this hat has a lot going for it, which is nice. It also has our old logo with the umlauts, and if you don’t know what we’re talking about, then that’s totally okay. If you do, then you know that giving this hat is like giving a perpetual #throwbackthursday.

Kräftig Real American shirt
The Real American Shirt
Perfect for: The Patriot

We believe Independence Day should find its way into every holiday. Because ‘Merica. Which means life, liberty, and the American flag on everything. Like on this Real American Shirt for all those who love Real American Lager. Forget the “four calling birds,” the Fourth Day of Christmas is for freedom… and beer.

Kräftig Real AF tank
The Real AF Tank
Perfect for: The Muscle

We all know someone who makes “Sun’s out, guns out” a way of life. So what if it’s freezing outside and you’re pretty sure you just saw a kid get his tongue stuck to a flagpole? Doesn’t matter. Sun’s still out. This tank’s for the people who are dedicated AF to gains, beer, and the art of the flex – regardless of the season. Although maybe you should suggest wearing it with layers in the winter. You know, for health and safety reasons.*

Kräftig patch hat
The Patch Hat
Perfect for: The Trucker

This is the hat for everyone who still believes in chopping down their own damn tree and decorating it while an old Johnny Cash album spins on the record player. It’s for all the hard workers living in small towns and driving on country roads. Hats off and Prost to them.

We hope this rather informative and totally not salesy blog has helped you decide what to buy for the Kräftig lover in your life. And if you still don’t know what to get them, well… just slap a bow on a case of Real American Lager and stick it under the tree. They’ll love it.

*No doctors were advised in the writing of this blog.