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3 Best Ballpark Food Items to Pair with Kräftig

Sure, the baseball season’s well over halfway through, but there’s still a lot of ball left to play. Which means there’s still a lot of home games left to attend. Which means there’s still a lot of ballpark food left to eat (because you can’t just go to a game and not eat… that would be like taking “America” out of America’s pastime). And since everyone knows ballpark food is better with beer, it ultimately means there’s still a lot of Kräftig left to drink.

Here’s the deal, St. Louis: rooting for the home team starts with a beer in one hand and some grub in the other. So, grab a 24oz can of Kräftig Light or Kräftig Lager at one of these stadium locations:
*8th Street Market – Section 153
*Jack Daniel’s Bar – Section 142
*Broadway Market – Section 107
*Terrace Market – Section 452

and then chow down on some awesome food. Oh, and if you need help deciding what to pair with your favorite beer, here’s some of the grub we recommend for a good time:
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Kräftig’s Guide to Outdoor Summer Drinking

Hey, it’s been a hot summer – hotter than a habanero in Hell (in other words: pretty damn hot) – so we understand if you haven’t gone outside all that much. But come on, it’s summer. The sun’s out. You should be too. Slather on some sunscreen if you’re really worried about things. Carry around one of those handheld fans like a dad at a theme park if it’ll make you feel better. Or you could just grab a can of Kräftig and let the good times roll. The lager’s refreshing and you can even use the can as an ice pack if you start to feel faint. It’s a win-win.

Of course, not all outdoor spaces are equal when drinking is involved. So, here’s some of our favorite places to drink Kräftig outside on a summer night (or afternoon… or morning if you’re into that):
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How to Drink Kräftig with Your Dad on Father’s Day

Dads get a bad rap sometimes. Sure, your old man once conned you into going on a snipe hunt or asking the kind gentleman at the auto shop for blinker fluid, but let’s face it… you wouldn’t be who you are today without his antics. He was just teaching you invaluable life lessons from a place of love and fatherly wisdom. You should thank him, really. Buy the guy some beer. He deserves it. Continue reading

Celebrate National Beer Day with Kräftig!

It’s always a good time for a beer, especially on April 7. You want a beer with your brunch? You can do that. Know why? Because this is America – land of the free and home of the brews – oh, and because April 7 is National Beer Day. That’s right… beer has a holiday. Which means if someone asks you why you’re pairing a Kräftig with some extravagant Eggs Benedict made with pork shoulder or pig ears or whatever part of the swine is in right now, you can just say you’re celebrating your favorite holiday.
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Kräftig: The Home Opener Home Run

Baseball season in St. Louis is kind of a big deal. And the first home game of the year is basically a holiday. Or it should be, at least. Seriously, is there a petition we could sign to make that a thing? Anyway, the city is home to the best fans in baseball rooting for the best team in the league. Naturally, that means Thursday’s Home Opener is going to be legendary – especially if you’re drinking the best (and only) Real American Lager in town.

Catch some pregame or postgame drinks with the Kräftig team at one of these fine downtown establishments:
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5 Unconventional Uses for Beer

You know that scene in A Few Good Men where Tom Cruise says he wants the truth and Jack Nicholson’s all like, “You can’t handle the truth!”? Yeah, here’s the deal: we think you can handle it. And the truth is… beer is good. There, we said it. And we feel better now. Speaking of feeling better, beer might actually help you feel better. Maybe. There’s a chance.

Anyway, here are 5 new reasons to try Kräftig. Whoops, we mean 5 unusual ways to unlock the potential benefits of Kräftig:

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Nice Cans: Join Us in Celebrating Beer Can Appreciation Day!

If we could, we would build a time machine out of a beer tank and make it run on pure lager. Sure, it would mean we couldn’t travel to any date B.L. (that’s Before Lager if you’re having trouble keeping up) without reserves, but who would want to go back to a time without the best damn beer in the world anyway? We’d do a couple test runs, just to make sure there weren’t any kinks. Send an intern back a couple minutes or something. And then we’d do some traveling of our own: to January 24, 1935.

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How Kräftig Pairs Kräftig

Some things were just made for each other. For example, pizza and beer, wings and beer, BBQ and beer –  point is, there’s a great deal of good pairings out there. Take Kräftig for example. Kräftig pairs with, well… a lot of things, it turns out.

From St. Louis signature dishes, to your own home-cooked creations, there’s endless ways to enjoy Real American Lager. The Kräftig team knows a thing or two about this, so let’s give them the floor and find out how Kräftig pairs Kräftig:

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The 5 People on Every Holiday Guest List

They’re at every holiday party. You know them as soon as you make awkward eye contact with them from across the room. You give them that universal nod of acknowledgement as they sip hard eggnog among you. Or at least as you pretend to sip it because, let’s face it, even with a healthy dose of booze, eggnog is still no Real American Lager.

Of course, we’re talking about the Holiday Who’s Who—the five people who are bound to be at that holiday party you’re going to this (and every) year:

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Christmas Gifts for Kräftig Lovers

Apparently, it’s the season for giving people things. And if you’re struggling to find the right gift for someone, chances are they have no idea what to get you either. So, we figured we’d help everyone out by offering some ideas of our own.

Here are five Kräftig items for sale online that we think would make excellent gifts. Because who doesn’t love beer, right? Continue reading