Real American Lager

Kräftig prides itself on being real American lager, but what exactly does that mean? A staple of Bavarian culture for centuries, lager first appeared in the United States around 1840 and quickly became the most popular beer choice for brewers and drinkers alike. Although its popularity waned as breweries began infusing new flavors into porters, ales, and stouts, lager has experienced a renaissance of sorts in recent years. Simply put, the style is… well… back in style and better than ever!

Here are six facts about the best beer style around (okay, we’re a little biased) and why you should drink Real American lager:

1.  The first lagers in America were not for sale. When Bavarian immigrant John Wagner began brewing lager in Philadelphia, he was only making it to bring a taste of home to his friends, family, and neighbors.

2.  As German immigrants began moving into more cities throughout the country, they brought the style with them. Breweries and biergartens began to appear, offering immigrants the chance to preserve their heritage while introducing other Americans to a more relaxed, Sunday afternoon type of drinking.

3.  The Civil War helped spread the lager’s popularity. Over 200,000 German-Americans served in the Union Army during the war, bringing their favorite beer with them. Several units in the army consisted of young men from both rural and urban areas, allowing soldiers who had never tasted lager, let alone heard of it, to enjoy the beer with their peers – making it a truly American drink.

4.  As the lager’s popularity rose, several breweries began producing adjunct lager with cereal grains such as rice and corn. Although this approach cut costs and allowed for mass-production of the beer, it also cut flavor.

5.  Unlike its adjunct lager counterparts, Kräftig maintains the traditional, pure German style to honor the German culture’s influence on American beer. No rice. No corn. Just hops, barley, yeast, and water, creating a clean, crisp beer that focuses on maintaining the utmost quality.

6.  As more and more drinkers realize that lager doesn’t have to be synonymous with flat, stale flavor, American lagers have experienced a resurgence in popularity. When produced with only the highest quality of ingredients, lagers and light lagers like Kräftig are among the most refreshing styles of beer.

The balance of quality flavor and refreshment makes Kräftig the perfect beer to drink this summer. As the summer months drag on, grab a Kräftig and learn the true meaning of real American lager: cool, hydrating, and absolutely delicious.

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