Host a Kräftig Holiday Dinner Party!

Have the most wonderful time this holiday season by including Kräftig in your dinner party plans! Whether your guests will be showing up in ugly sweaters or sharp suits and dashing dresses, we’ve found some great ways for you to include your favorite beer into this season’s holiday bashes. Read on for our tips on how to host a Kräftig holiday dinner party!

Nothing says the holidays quite like Kräftig’s festive packaging. Make sure you keep things festive at your party by purchasing enough beer for your projected guest count. Our suggestions:

    • 10 people – 1 case, 4 6-packs, or 24 bottles
    • 20 people – 2 cases, 8 6-packs, or 48 bottles
    • 30 people – 2.5 cases, 10 6-packs, or 60 bottles

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to buy more than you think you need, just in case there are any last-minute additions to your guest list!

Keep your guests happy by setting up your bar in an opportune place. We recommend you place your Kräftig on a cart or a small table near the entrance so your guests have a clear place to go once they arrive. Help prevent traffic jams by ensuring your bar is accessible from more than one side. Also, be sure to put out a bottle opener and glasses so your guests don’t have to go searching for the essentials.

Kräftig is also the perfect ingredient for your seasonal recipes. Start the evening off right by giving your guests the gift of a delicious appetizer. Add a little Kräftig to these Beer BBQ Meatballs and your guests will be asking Santa to bring them the recipe. Once everyone has had their share of the starters, ham it up a bit by serving this tasty bone-in ham tenderized with Kräftig. They’ll be begging you to make it again next year!

Enjoy Kräftig at your holiday dinner party! Then, once it’s over and all your guests have gone, clean up properly with a nice, cold bottle of Kräftig in hand. Cheers!