Get Back to Summer with Kräftig

Summer’s almost here, so break out your tank tops, flip flops, or whatever you wear when things get hot. Get outside and have some fun in the sun. While you’re out there, enjoy some nice liquid company. With its refreshing taste and sessionabilty, Kräftig is the perfect summer lager.

Here are six summertime activities for you to enjoy with Kräftig:

Grilling – Since the dawn of grills, man has enjoyed beer. And it’s time for you to break out the propane tank or charcoal and grill some juicy burgers and brats in your backyard. What’s more American than burgers? Burgers and real American lager, that’s what.

Picnicking – Get your hands on some tiny triangle sandwiches and one of those checkered blankets. Bring cornhole, washers, a flying disc, or your favorite game and spend some time enjoying the outdoors. Eat. Drink. And be merry, enjoying the company of friends and Kräftig.

Fishing – If the fish aren’t biting, fishing can be just about as exciting as watching paint dry. Bring a cooler full of Kräftig with you, though, and we promise you’ll have a great day no matter what you catch. There’s nothing quite like relaxing on the water with an ice cold real American Lager.

Golfing – A game of golf can take a while, but sometimes that’s the best part. There’s plenty of downtime to drink and enjoy the weather. What’s better than taking a solid swing off the tee? Taking a solid swig of Kräftig while on the green. It’s the perfect session beer for your golf session.

Camping – Grab your friends, pitch some tents, and go exploring. When night falls, tell scary stories around a fire. The ultimate horror story would be running out of Kräftig, though, so make sure you’re well-stocked.

Floating – Hop in a canoe and go floating down a river like Huckleberry Finn. Just sit back and relax with a nice, cold Kräftig in hand, letting the current carry away every care. If you start to capsize, save the beer first. You know you’ve gone too far when you hear the dueling banjos from Deliverance.

It’s time to put your phone down, log off your laptop, and go outside. Get some Kräftig, get active, and let the good times roll all summer long.