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March Events

Friday, March 13th
Schnucks Oakville: 4pm – 6pm
Dierbergs Zumbehl: 4pm – 6pm

Tony’s on Top: 10:30pm – 11:30pm
Quintessential: 11:30pm – 12:30am

Saturday, March 14th
Dierbergs Marketplace: 12pm – 2pm
Dierbergs Florissant: 12pm – 2pm
Sam’s Club Kirkwood: 11am – 3pm

1860’s: 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Hammerstones: 3pm – 4pm
Tigin: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Llywelyns Soulard: 6pm – 7pm
Wheelhouse downtown: 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Two Shamrock’s : 4pm – 5pm
The Tap: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Tilted Kilt: 7pm – 8pm
Bar Louie Kirkwood: 3pm – 4pm
Mike Duffy’s Kirkwood: 6pm – 7pm
Llywelyns Webster: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
O Leary’s: 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Hessler’s Pub: 9pm – 10pm

Tuesday, March 17th
Tigin: 5pm – 6pm
Llywelyns Soulard: 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Pat Connolly’s: 2pm – 3pm
Llywelyns Winghaven: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Two Shamrock’s: 5pm – 6pm
Llywelyns St. Charles: 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Helen Fitzgeralds: 2pm – 3pm

Thursday, March 19th
Timber Creek Grill: 6pm – 7:30pm
Sybergs Market: 4pm – 5pm
Sybergs O’Fallon Ill: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Friday, March 20th
Dierbergs Mckenzie: 4pm – 6pm

Helen Fitzgerald’s: 4pm – 5pm
Sybergs Gravois: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Circle 7 Ranch Beer Tournament

Saturday, March 21st
Dierbergs Southroads: 12pm – 2pm

Sybergs Chesterfield: 4pm – 5pm
Sybergs Dorsett: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Sunday, March 22nd
Circle 7 Ranch: 1pm – 2:30pm

Thursday, March 26th
Babylon: 6:30pm – 8pm

Friday, March 27th
Shop n’ Save Dardenne Prarie: 4pm – 6pm
Shop n’ Save Kirkwood: 4pm – 6pm
Shop n’ Save Harvester: 4pm – 6pm
Shop n’ Save Maplewood: 4pm – 6pm

Tom’s Bar & Grill: 9:30pm – 10:30pm
Llywelyn’s CWE: 8pm – 9pm

Saturday, March 28th
Shop n’ Save Lindbergh: 12pm – 2pm

Mr. Lucky’s: 9pm – 10pm
Side Pockets: 10:30pm – 11:30pm

New Accolades for William K Busch Brewing Company’s Kräftig

ST. LOUIS – May 1, 2013 –The William K Busch Brewing Company continues to stack up awards with its German purity-brewed, American-made brands, Kräftig lager and Kräftig light.

Kräftig lager was awarded 96 points out of 100 possible by Draft Magazine in its Draft Review section – the highest rating in the April issue – but the praise didn’t stop there. During the 4th Annual Denver International Beer Competition, held April 13-14, Kräftig lager received both the silver medal for “Best of Show” and gold medal for “International Lager”, while Kräftig light earned the top honor awarded in the “American Light Lager” category.

Draft Magazine described Kräftig lager in terms that, well, make you thirsty: “Delicate, sweet bready grains reach from this beer’s creamy head up to the nose … Punctuated by an extremely snappy, balanced finish, Kräftig is a shining example of the style from sip to swallow.”

What sets Kräftig lager and Kräftig light apart from other brands is Reinheitsgebot (RHINE-heights-geh-boat), the German Beer Purity Law that requires only four ingredients be used when brewing beer – water, barley-malt, yeast and hops. It’s the way that William K Busch Brewing Company brews its beers to ensure pure flavor.

Kräftig lager and Kräftig light also received three prestigious industry awards in 2012 – a Gold Medal in the “American Light” category at the U.S. Open Beer Championship, a People’s Choice Award at the Missouri Brewfest and a Bronze Medal in the “American Lager” category at the Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition.

For more information about Kräftig, please visit or

About William K Busch Brewing Company
The William K Busch Brewing Company was established in 2011 by William K Busch, whose family legacy in the beer business dates back to the mid-1800’s when Adolphus A Busch opened a small brewery in St. Louis, Missouri. With its two brands, Kräftig Lager and Kräftig Light, this St. Louis-based company is not associated with ABInBev or any of its affiliates, and is the new chapter in the Busch family brewing story. For more information, please visit or

Kräftig Light Launches New Ad Campaign Focusing on German Brewing Process, Reinheitsgebot

Campaign Uses a Comedic Approach and Marks William K Busch Brewing Company’s First Endeavor in the Television Advertising Space

ST. LOUIS – April 2, 2013 – St. Louis residents can attest to the fact that you don’t have to speak German to enjoy German beer. This simple idea led to the creation of a newly integrated advertising campaign for the William K Busch Brewing Company launching in St. Louis this week. The campaign features the company’s Kräftig Light brand and includes updates to the Krä website, new billboards, radio and the company’s first television commercials.

The off-beat humor of the “purity brewed campaign” is targeted at the light beer drinking consumer and celebrates the brand’s authentic German roots with a distinct, new American attitude. The bold, fresh product imagery in the ads was shot in a hyper clean, white environment to reinforce the backbone of the brand message of “purity brewed American beer”.

“Kräftig Lager and Kräftig Light were created as a testament to St. Louis’ respect for the way Germans brew their beer,” said William K. Busch, president and chief executive officer. “Giving a nod to my German heritage, our products were given a German name and are brewed under the well-respected German beer purity law, Reinheitsgebot.”

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