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Friendsgivingspiration: Lager Gravy

So, someone invited you to a Friendsgiving party this year? First of all, congratulations on having friends who actually want to hang out instead of just sending memes in a group chat. Second of all, don’t bring pumpkin pie. Seriously, everybody brings pumpkin pie to these things and you don’t want to be “that person” who brings the sixth pumpkin pie of the day. Everyone will just look at you and laugh like they did that one time you called your teacher “Mom” back in grade school. And if you were homeschooled, then just use your imagination for that one.
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STL Signatures: Sugarfire 44

There will come a time in your life when you take a bite of something truly remarkable – something so delicious that you think your life can’t possibly get any better. But it can, and it does when you wash that food down with your favorite beer. And that’s the inspiration for our new video series, STL Signatures.

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Get Kräfty This Halloween!

Hey, you get to dress up for Halloween. Your kids, your pets, your house—they all get dressed up for Halloween. What if that Kräftig in your fridge feels left out? What if it just wants to dress up, too? Well, let your beer bottles get in on the spooky fun with this easy 5-step DIY decoration project!

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The 6 German Drinking Phrases You Need to Know

This year’s Oktoberfest got us thinking a lot about German culture. And thinking about German culture got us thinking a lot about beer. It’s like the circle of (German) life; you can’t have one without the other. Which means that if you drink beer, then you need to know some German to do it right.Prost

So, without further ado, here are the 6 German beer-centric phrases you should know:

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Meet the President: Billy Busch

Billy Busch, Chairman and CEO of William K. Busch Brewing Company - the maker of real American lager, Kräftig.

As the founder, president, and CEO of the William K. Busch Brewing Company, Billy Busch stays busy with all things beer. But he’s more than just a businessman. He’s a family man, a philanthropist, an outdoorsman, and a proud St. Louisan. Basically, Billy wears many hats—literally and figuratively (Shameless plug: Kräftig Gear). Meet the man with a vision for Real American Lager.

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Have Some Bier with Us at Oktoberfest!

It’s that time of year again: time to grab some friends, head on down to Main Street St. Charles, and enjoy some verdammt good music, food, and beer at Oktoberfest! Kräftig had a blast at last year’s festival (check out the video below if you don’t believe us), and we’re so excited to come back for more as the proud sponsor of this year’s new and improved VIP Lounge.

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Meet the Brewmaster: Marc Gottfried


Marc Gottfried drinks Kräftig on the job. And he’s paid for it, too. It’s one of the perks of being a brewmaster. But there’s a whole lot more to the job than just drinking lager. From helping create the Kräftig recipes to overseeing the entire brewing process, Marc is a man committed to quality. Meet the guy who spends most of his waking life surrounded by beer: Brewmaster Marc Gottfried.

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